Yoni – the womb space – source of the original power and beauty for women


Many women frequently get the feeling that something is wrong with them.

It can be because of the form or size of a part of her body,

her too weak or too strong libido

or her emotional instability.

In fact anything can make her doubt the way she is.

In my view this has to do with the degree of her separation from or connectedness with her yoni,

her womb space,

her source of power, joy, beauty and creativity,

through which all human beings come on earth.

Quite a lot of women say they feel separated into two parts, the upper and the under part of her body, and that they don‘t sense their womb space so much.

Some even claim there lies a steel plate in their belly,

which impedes a fluent connection between their heart and their yoni.

And if a woman doesn‘t feel at home in her own holy, wonderful space, then something is truly out of alignment.

The way how a woman feels connected to her yoni also shows her love to herself as a woman.

That‘s why it is so important for her to talk about her yoni joyfully and naturally,

to look at her and touch her,

to sense her

during menstruation,

in sexual encounters with her lover,

during birth giving

and for that matter in all what she does!

For actually it happens too often that a woman cannot stand up for her yoni.

And this in turn can lead to disconnectedness or avoidance of her own wonderful space.

In the yoni massage this phenomenon shows up as pain points on and in the vagina.

It begins with the woman saying that my touch feels a bit uncomfortable at this spot.

And when I stay there with my finger and press it lightly,

it can get really painful.

Occasionally feelings come up,

also memories.

Shatteringly numerous women recall sexual acts that were not really wanted

and all kinds of experience with gynecologists:

examination, operation, childbirth and others.

Words that could not be said at that time get thrusted out:

„I don‘t want that!“

„You hurt me!“

„This is my body!“

„Piss off!“

What they missed was the respect for them as a person

and for their holy, intimate space.

They felt that their body was treated like an object,

that they were not included in decisions concerning themselves,

that their yoni was handled violently.

Some women even experienced delivery like rape.

In the massage they go through their pain consciously this time,

physically and emotionally.

They feel their anger which they couldn‘t perceive so clearly in the situation itself.

They feel their sorrow that they couldn‘t stand up for themselves.

After speaking out the words and letting flow the tears,

the pain subsides

and the spot that was like frozen and numb

can get soft and lively again.

tulpe 6

Here is my plea to the women one more time:

Nourish your connection with your yoni:

breathe through her,

talk with her

and touch her!

And protect your yoni!

You are the only one to decide who and what may touch her!

Your womb space is your holy power spot.

When you live in deep connection with her,

you rest luscious and relaxed in your womanhood,

and there is no question

that you are in perfect alignment

with your original power and beauty

exactly the way you are!



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