CMM Learning Exchange in Oracle, AZ

Kazuma and Sergej participated in the CMM Learning Exchange in Oracle, Arizona. Sergej, who is also a board member with the CMM institute, was a co-organizer of this year’s Learning Exchange. The theme was “Embodying CMM”: What can it mean to embody or to live within a CMM perspective in our personal endeavors to make better social worlds?” Amongst others, there were sessions considering links between Āyurveda and CMM and between CMM and activism, in which key scholars from that field presented together with two younger scholars on their research with Congolese women and with Syrian refugees in Germany. Sergej facilitated a session on improvisation and CMM in which Bart Beuchner and Jeff Dogge, a cousin of CMM co-founder Barnett Pearce, played live musical examples as responses to questions from the participants. Kazuma facilitated a session on communicative healing energy in Traditional Japanese Medicine. The event brought the CMM community together in ways that resonated deeply and the relationship between IfGIC and CMM have grown stronger as a result.


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