2015 Juni „Exploring the Inside of a We“ very practical and alive

The name of the whole conference was „we – in the middle of life“ (dt.: wir – mitten im leben), so that I wanted to contribute to this subject with my workshop.

My workshop was splitted in two parts 60min each: First a sneak preview with 2 other people such as Steffen Karneth from evolve magazine. Each of us had a 20min short presentation of our work and afterwards a 1,5h workshop in the evening.

In both parts it was important for me that the 20-30 participants could have a real inner experience afterwards. Both parts where a mixture of theory, some guided meditative parts, small group exercices and also exchange with the entire group.

My idea and very important aim for me as well was to create an „open space of listening and acting“ at the same time. So that every short encounter with someone else during this seminar is inspired by a small gap of not-knowing for everyone, so that we don´t reproduce only the past again and again. Inspiration in action, so to say.

I was very satisfied and happy to experience, how deep and easily most people went into the exercices. We could see, how much we can harvest in very simple settings in a short timeframe like this, when there is a high level of fine-tuning with more subtle energies. All the feedback I received was very beautiful and touched by the space we created together.


I would have loved to have more experience like this through the whole conference.

One of the participants was Dr. Galuska – Medical Director of the Heiligenfeld Clinic in Bad Kissingen. And I´m very happy to be in touch with the Heiligenfeld Clinic and to present my work as well as the Integral Roadshow during the next HeiligenfeldKongress in June 2016.

Stay tuned for more!


Martin Bruders


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