2015 April CMM Learning Exchange ‘East’

Kazuma and I (Sergej) joined the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution in their Learning Exchange East in April 2015. This event was rich in learning. A personal highlight was to visit the CMM Archive at Fitchburg University which holds all of Barnett Pearce’s writings and personal archive. In the image you can see Kazuma searching the archive for hidden treasures on Cosmopolitan Communication. And in the background, you see good friend and CMM board member Bart Beuchner.

One striking find in the archive was a short memo Barnett made after reading Kegan’s “Ïn over our heads” in which he reflected on similarities and differences between Kegan’s developmental psychology and CMM and which he saw as the start of a conversation with Kegan. That same weekend, we started an action research project between the CMM Institute and Kegan’s team around his latest work in the Deliberately Developmental Organization. coincidence, serendipity, or mystery?

Since our visit, the CMM archive was scanned and is accessible online. Enjoy!

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