2014 September General Assembly of IfGIC in Wetten

Minutes General Assembly – Friday 5th September, 7 – 8 pm – Wetten, Germany

Attendance list:

Board: Anna Storck (via Skype), Kazuma Matoba, Sergej van Middendorp

IfGIC Core-Team: Marion Weber, Martin Bruders, Rita Brown, Agata Nienajadlo

Members: Steve Holmes, Toshie Mimatsu, Charles Savage

Non-Members: Alexandra Sips, Barbara Ebner, Frank Behrens, Lilian Clauss, Thera van Osch, Tijmen Brozius

The agenda for the General Assembly:

1. Welcome & Introduction

2. Brief presentation of IfGIC activities 2013/14

3. Secretarial & Financial overview – presentation and voting

4. Q&A

5. Closure

1. Welcome & Introduction

The GA is opened at 7 pm. The current President, Kazuma Matoba, welcomes members and introduces the board and the core team. He explains the purpose of the General Assembly as well as the voting process. Kazuma Matoba talks through the Agenda points.

There are no questions.

2. Brief presentation of IfGIC activities 2013/14

Kazuma Matoba presents the structure of the organization and explains the idea of Flying University and its structure with the three main departments: health, wealth and peace. He also gives a summary of past events, congresses and Forums with the brief explanation of their content and purpose. Kazuma Matoba talks about the research within IfGIC and the current projects.

There are no questions.

3. Secretarial & Financial overview 2013/2014 – presentation and voting

Kazuma Matoba provides a brief financial overview. The overview covers 29.10.2013 to 29.08.2014. He explains how funds are being used by the organization. Currently the budget is standing at 4.613,13 euros. The whole financial report is available for its members on enquiry.

Secretary Agata Nienajadlo approved the financial overview.

There was one question about the donations and their origin. Kazuma Matoba answers the question.

Call to vote for approval of the financial overview 2013/2014.

Approved: 9

Abstained: 1

Not Approved: 0

4. Q&A

There were no questions.

5. Closure

The GA is closed at 8:00 PM.


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